45mm x Ed Liu Hand Balance Class

Ed Liu

At first I thought hand balancing is often a very lonely activity. When we handstand it’s down to just our hands, shoulders, and the floor that’s in front of us. It takes an intense level of concentration and the focus is all on ourselves. This thought stuck with me until I started to teach handstands full time. I realized that some of the best time I had in hand balancing is not the time training alone, but rather it is when I share the passion with others whether in teaching or training with partners.

Even though handstanding can seem lonely at times, the people we meet along the way can help pick us up when we fall down. What we see in others is what we can learn about ourselves. The importance of community cannot be understated in our progress, and perhaps that’s one of the best gifts hand balancing can give us. Point your toes, push, push, and push.

Class at 45mm.studio every Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm. HKD 300 per 60 mins

Handstanding is not all about strength, it is also about flexibility, reaction, timing, and balance. In the hand-balance class, we will learn how to strengthen ourselves to develop the skills needed to achieve a good handstand. By using progressions on the wall, students will learn the correct alignment safely while upside down, at the same time strengthening the feeling of how to balance on our hands. The class will focus on techniques, alignment, and drills. All levels welcome.


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