Build-a-Pole For Studios (NX model, screw lock)


Choosing a pole is a personal choice that you should make depending on your poling requirements, personal preference, body chemistry, and experience.You’ll need to think about what kind of FINISH and DIAMETER you want to work with and where you will be setting up the pole.

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Diameter: 40mm/45mmPlease remark in your order the pole diameter you choose

Chrome: 40mm, 45mm
Brass: 40mm, 45mm
Stainless Steel: 40mm, 45mm
Silicone: 45mm only

Build-a-Poles are competition strength X-Pert poles perfect for studio use.
The bottom X-Pert A pole is over 8ft(2.5m) long. With just one extension and one X-Joint, you could have a 2 piece pole! The pole is dual lined which is ideal for higher ceiling heights and busy studio settings. Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Silicone (Silicone is only available in 45mm) and Brass


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